Patience The Art of Success!

I am wondering, have you encountered the crossroad between life and patience?

It is truly an interesting encounter. In life we encounter many challenges, opportunities, we have expectations, we dream dreams, we have hopes and deep passions.

In my years of walking through this life, I have come to understand that patience plays a significant role in our life and our aspirations. What I have learned is that Patience is like a friend everyone hates to see coming but know that she has a really good purpose for coming.

I have come to conclude that we all know we need her but sometimes it is really hard to swallow what she brings. She often looks at us and says “no – not now”, “wait”,”it is coming” but to to be totally honest, those mere words are so painful that we push pass patience to do what we want. Unbeknown to us, patience is really a protecting agent to support us in having a successful journey.

You see, Patience is not a science because if she was, we would have all mastered her. I have realized that PATIENCE is an Art. She is actually the Art of success waiting to celebrate your victory. Even when you don’t know there is victory, she, Patience knows it herself.

Bill Gates acknowledges simply that patience is an element of success. I encourage you to have a little patience today. It will surely pay off.

The Transformation Coach
Tina Boyle Whyte

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