Faith: The Key To Unlock Doors

Faith: The Key to Unlock Doors is a critical component of moving forward in the success you want to see in your life. Faith, I believe is the process of applying a few instructions- "Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be open". When you think about the request for us to execute faith from one of the most historical text; it takes faith to execute that request.
The most amazing thing about life is that it takes us on many unknown journeys, we are challenged to have faith and execute faith. Key point to remember is that this journey that we are  navigating is unknown and uncertain. For instance, we don't know what tomorrow holds but we have faith that it will bring the best. As parents, when are bearing a child, we don't know what we may have be it a boy or girl but we have faith that the baby is healthy.
No one that I know that has a command of how to live this life. No one that I have met has a more perfect guide or manual than the Holy Bible. While, I recognize everyone does not acknowledge the Bible as the authoritative word to live by but for those who do, it is a critical key for understanding how to live this life. Faith for me is everything. What are you having faith for? Have faith today it truly unlock doors.
 The Transformation Coach Tina Boyle Whyte
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